Gay Skinny Complete Collection - Gundam Seed Destiny Shugo Chara

Time to say goodbye to the ones you used to love
Let them go and leave them be, give your heart that little shove
There the past for a reason, they was not meant to be
So spread your wings and soar away so that one day they will see
On that day the time will come and they will remember all the fun
The laughs you shared, the jokes you made and the smiles you both caused

Remember the day your eye's met, you fell in love in a single heartbeat
Oh that was a day, you took of your top and ran up and down my street
You gave me the challenge i always seeked, pushed me to my limits
Now without you here, my heart shall dwell in the deep dark pits
You was my life, my soul, my world, now i crumble with every thought of you
Tears shall flow and hearts shall keep breaking, ill always miss you baby you was my one

I think for now ill always miss the way we was once so close then you walked away
All those times you swore to me that you loved me, they were all a lie but still i had to pray
In the end i was just a pawn in your game, i was just another disposable piece to you
All those times you swore to me he was just a friend i believed you, i never had a clue
You cheated on me not once but twice, no remorse did i ever see in those once pure eye's
You always told me you wanted to settle down, you always lied, you wanted more than ever

Now as i say you were my world i look back and realise you were just the same as the others
One in a million you were not, to me you were really just one in im going to say four
Ill always love you but then again i will always love the rest, to be fair you was never the best
The difference with you from the rest, well you was the only one that ever gave me a test
With you i had to fight, our whole relationship was one big struggle to keep you in my life
In the end though i lost you without trying, all's i did then was reach for the knife

A simple cut you caused me, that simple cut was soon followed by many more though
Cuts were nothing in the end, they caused no pain, they caused no harm, just the scars
Think what did me the most harm in the end was the never letting go of the girl i knew
That girl i met, that girl i got to know and spent many a month with, she was the true you
Now as i let go i will always remember that girl i fell for, that girl i once gave my heart
Guess you should know now that i loved you without fail but now i need a fresh start. Bunda Luminocity 20 Nade Camp – Yuru Camp Hot .

Hentai: (C75) [Hotel California (Natsuno Suika)] Complete Collection (Gundam Seed DESTINY, Shugo Chara!) [Digital]

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(C75) [加州大飯店 (なつのすいか)]Complete Collection(機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY, しゅごキャラ!) [DL版]

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