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! I asked “can I play with your tits”? She smiled , kissed me on the lips , then pulled her shirt up and took her bra off!
She resumed playing with my very hard dick and I played with her tits! It was great! We got kissing which led to tongues meeting and dancing! She whispered ” do ya wanna fuck me”? I instantly replied “yes”! She pushed her pants off and her panties , and pulled her shirt off all the way than stood in front of me , completely naked , and said “come here and fuck me and cum in my pussy!” She turned around and leaned over on the sink , reached her hand around and spread her ass cheeks open inviting my cock into her pussy!
I took the time to really enjoy the view of what I was looking at ! My naked sister bent over with her ass cheeks spread , pussy wet and waiting for me to put my dick inside it! It felt like slow motion , getting behind her naked ass and guiding my dick to her pussy! I took a little time enjoying the view of the head of my dick rubbing her pussy lips! Than I started pushing in slowly and and in until my entire cock was inside her pussy!
I moved it back out and in again and realizing and enjoying the moment of fucking my sister! I watched my dick fuck her pussy! I quietly told her I was gonna cum soon and she looked back at me , right in my eyes , and said “cum inside me”!
Hearing her say those words made me wanna shoot my load as deep inside her as possible!! I pushed my dick as hard as I could to get in her as far as I could and cum!
I could never in a million years describe the phenominal sensation I felt cumming inside her! We had to get back to the picnic but I remained in a daze the rest of the day. I tried to ask a question but she shrieked “let me tell the story”! I just looked in her eyes and listened.

Hentai: Paizuri limited

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