Mana 3

” But she really didn't put up any fight at all while Cindy Lou tugged down her jeans and panties with one tug!!! “My oh my, Nora, honey,” Cindy whispered, “you have a forest growin’ between your legs, I think we should take you into the bathroom and do something about that!!! “Y-you're crazy,” Nora stammered as Cindy Lou led her into the bathroom, “Hank'll freak out if I shave it off!!!” “Pshaw, sugah,” Cindy Lou replied, “he'll be thankin' ya for it every time he puts his mouth down there, believe me he will, now stop talkin' and sit up on the sink and spread your legs for mama!!!”

Cindy quickly turned on the hot water and began soaping the dark mass of curly pubic hair to soften it before touching it with the razor!!! Nora simply closed her eyes tightly and waited while her friend worked her fingers all over her hairy mound!!! “Nora, honey,” Cindy said softly, “if I do say so myself, you have a fantastic pussy, honey, and your love button, well Hank is a lucky guy!!!” “T-thank you,” Nora said in a barely audible voice, “how soon are you gonna do it?!?” “Right now, sugah,” she replied, “and don't worry about a thing, mama's and expert at givin' haircuts down there!!!” Slowly and painstakingly, Cindy used the twin bladed razor to remove all of the hair from Nora's pretty vaginal lips, leaving only a small vee of brown fur shaped in a cute little vee above her clit!!! “Ohhhhh,” Nora gasped, “it feels cold, now!!!” “You'll get used to it, honey,” Cindy Lou replied, “all finished, take a look,” as Cindy Lou picked up a hand mirror and held it in a position that allowed Nora to have a good look at her freshly shaved crotch!!! “D-do you think Hank will like it,” she asked doubtfully, “what if he doesn't!?!” Cindy slowly set down the mirror, and then looking Nora straight in the eye said, “I'm gonna show you why he's gonna love it, now just be still and let Cindy do her thing, okay!?!”

That was really a rhetorical question that required no answer, because a second later, Cindy Lou attached her mouth directly to the now gaping slit that dripped between Nora's shaky thighs!!! “Y-you can't do that,” Nora stammered, “it's not right, ohhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyy, that feels so good, oh yes, do my clit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Cindy frantically ate Nora's pussy for the next five minutes or so, until she had her right on the edge of a huge climax, then she pulled away and asked, “Sugah, have you ever rubbed your pussy against someone else's!?!” “No,” Nora gasped, “never, why!?!” “Because, honey,” Cindy Lou replied while standing up and drawing their cunts together, now you're gonna get to!!!” Cindy place her mouth on Nora's, giving her a deep kiss, while at the same time grinding her pussy hard into the freshly shaved cunt of her friend!!! It didn't take long before they both found each other's clit and were able to move in such a way keeping them in constant contact!!!” Both of them were now groaning and moaning into each other's mouth while their clits were slipping and sliding all over each other!!! The tension in their pussies was building rapidly, and when they broke off their kiss for a moment Nora panted, “I-it's almost like were fucking each other isn't it!?!” Still the southern lady, Cindy Lou replied with a wink, “In polite circles, sugah, they call it doin' the nasty!!!” It was just at that moment that their clits snapped across each other for the last time as their orgasms wrenched their cunts and rolled then throughout the rest of their quivering bodies, leaving them both totally drained and breathless!!!

With Nora still sitting up on the sink counter, and Cindy Lou, now back down on the floor, “Nora piped up, “I still think it's the voice!!!” Cindy Lou just chuckled and replied, “It just may be, sugah, it just may be!!!

THE END. Welcome .

Hentai: Mana 3

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