[Rukis] Cruelty

it was early on a lovely June evening the sun was warm and we parked our cars and walked hand in hand along the footpath through the parkland between patches of bramble and gorse bushes until we came to clearing with a picnic bench we sat facing each other our legs either side of the bench I pulled her towards me and our lips locked together our tongues wrestled in each others mouths the sexual tension was electric my right hand edged its way down her back gripping her soft bum then gradually rubbing the outside of her left thigh working its way up over to her inner thigh then under her skirt to feel the soft warm flesh working up stroking and rubbing gently until I reached the soft bulge that was her pussy beneath her knickers pressing the backs of my fingers firmly against her I could hear her breathing change as she let out a muffled sigh of pleasure I hooked the edge of her panties with a finger as I slipped them under the soft material they were greeted by a small patch of soft pubic hair then lower to her soft moist lips slipping a finger in I knew more was yet to come so we stopped and got up and she lead me to a more private wooded area nearby we found a small grassy clearing we kissed again then she lay down as I laid beside we kissed and my hand returned to continue playing with her warm moist pussy I then kissed her neck passionately as I raised her skirt above her waist and somehow in one uninterrupted move I twisted round so my face was inches away from her knickers I pulled the front of them towards me to reveal her soft pale pink lips topped by a small neatly trimmed patch of the softest blonde pubic hair I leant forward and kissed her gently on the lips then spread them with my fingers pushing my tongue inside licking every millimetre of her tasting her sucking her gradually picking up speed I could feel her body bucking and writhing with pleasure as she moaned with joy after a while she reached out with her right hand and gently started rubbing the obvious bulge in my joggers then slipping her hand under the waist band wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock and started to work it gently at first then speeding up I stopped what I was doing and got to my knees beside her head and eased my joggers down passed my waist and down to my knees revealing my cock standing to attention with her hand still working up and down it her eyes lit up then she leant forward opening her mouth she put her soft lips against it taking the head in her mouth and gently licking as she sucked still working it back and forth her hot wet mouth engulfed my waiting member her lips felt amazing as they slid down my shaft and slowly back up again the sensations were incredible so hot so wet so gentle she knew just what she was doing such a wonderful sight this vision of beauty sucking me licking me tasting me how I managed not to cum there and then I'll never know but I wanted to savour this time savour these feelings she was bestowing on me reaching down with my right hand I gently fingered her soaking wet pussy as she continued to pleasure me with her mouth and tongue but I couldn't take much more of this I felt I should warn her of my impending orgasm “mmmm that's fucking awesome” I said “I cant take much more of this tho I'm gonna. Young Petite Porn Erotic Pictures Of The Gundam… ” but before I could finish her head started moving back and forth faster as she sucked harder on my cock she knew what she was doing and exactly what she wanted I couldn't hold on any longer I moaned in extacy as I started to shoot my hot creamy spunk towards the back of her throat “mmmm” she moaned as she gulped it down I squirted wave upon wave into her eagerly awaiting mouth it felt like I was never gonna stop cumming as she sucked every available drop from me my cock never left her mouth until she had drank every single drop of her reward for what was and still is to this day the best blow job I have ever had exhausted I laid down beside her and we kissed again tasting our own juices on each others lips as we lay there wanting more of each other I produced a packet of condoms from my pocket without speaking we both knew what we wanted she picked up the packet removed one and ripped it open with her teeth I was already hard again so she slid it into place and laid back opening her legs and pulling her knickers to one side waiting for me to slip into her and I obliged it felt perfect after knowing each other for so long and finally making love even tho she had only been married a few short months it felt so wrong yet so right it was the most incredible feeling ever as I slid in and out of her lovely tight little pussy she had given birth to three children and had several more lovers than me but her pussy gripped my cock as tight as if she was a virgin I didn't want this to end as I pushed in she raised herself up wanting every bit of me as deep inside her as possible and I obliged thrusting as hard and deep into her as I could I felt her shudder with pleasure and although I had already emptied my first load into her eagerly waiting mouth and down her throat I couldn't hold on for any longer it was amazing to finally make love to my gorgeous Bev.

Hentai: [Rukis] Cruelty

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