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A few days past and the news soon spread around the club about Katlins coming into womenism so to speak, and Williow was more then happy for her as were the rest, JJ remembered what brought him to her room in te first place and sighed, how would she take it, should he tell her, he was so confused, he did not expect to have sex with her so soon, but he knew she should know, so he got her alone sat her down and said, “listen sweetie, i want you to know somthing”. pulling on her white cotton panties she opened the draw and picked out her black jeans thinking it will hide her better in the night sky and darkend hall ways, keeping this in mind she put on a black sweater, not the sexiest she ever looked but that was not the factor right now, she glanced at her watch and smiled, it was time, she lifted the case that JJ had helped her with once when he snuck in, and opened the door quietly, hearing the snores she was waiting for she padded her way down the stairs and sliped on her sandals.

Hentai: (C92) [SOLID AIR (Zonda)] Gohoushi Takao-san (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Gohoushi Takao-san 1Gohoushi Takao-san 2Gohoushi Takao-san 3Gohoushi Takao-san 4Gohoushi Takao-san 5Gohoushi Takao-san 6Gohoushi Takao-san 7Gohoushi Takao-san 8Gohoushi Takao-san 9Gohoushi Takao-san 10Gohoushi Takao-san 11Gohoushi Takao-san 12Gohoushi Takao-san 13Gohoushi Takao-san 14Gohoushi Takao-san 15Gohoushi Takao-san 16Gohoushi Takao-san 17Gohoushi Takao-san 18Gohoushi Takao-san 19Gohoushi Takao-san 20

(C92) [SOLID AIR (Zonda)]ご奉仕高雄さん(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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