[Pixiv] Hyouuma(20235288)

How Do You Know?

How do you know when you've found the one?
How do you know that your search is done?
Is it something she says, is it in her talk?
Or the way she moves, is it in her walk?
Or is it in her touch, her soft caress?
Or what she wears, is it in her dress?
Or is it what she thinks, is it in her mind?
Or how she treats you, by being so kind?
It's all of the above, and yet so much more,
When you've found the love you've been searching for,
When you find the girl that won your heart,
Your heart will ache, when you're apart,
You need to tell her when you're alone,
You need to call her, pick up the phone,
Just to tell her the words she longs to hear,
How much you miss her and wish she were near,
How lovely her voice sounds on the line,
How knowing she's yours makes you feel fine,
When she's in your thoughts both day and night,
When being around her just feels so right,
When you fit together like hand in glove,
Then you know you've found your love,
Then you know that your search is done. .

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